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Enjoy LTC Packages With Your Family

Are you planning to go outside than why you are thinking so much. ltc package is available for those who want enjoy their trip in less money. You can get all type of requirement that make a trip memorable. Government employee or bank employee can avail this package. You can go any inside or outside India after having this trip. So whenever you want to go outside prefer ltc package. You will not feel have any type of disappointment after having this package.


LTC , LTA or LFC are the ways by which the Government supports its employees & their family members to go out on holidays and rejuvenate after their hard work of years. There are different LTC, LFC & LTA rules applicable for different government units. In addition to domestic travel many government organisations now allow international travel as well under LTC / LFC and clear rules have been made for availing them. In the absence of proper knowledge about these rules many travel agents offer the fake cost & documentations leading to a big problem for these travellers and their claims are being questioned and investigated. Most of the time, in absence of proper contacts you may opt for some LTC experts visiting your office regularly, who may as well be the relative of some of your colleague and one day when your claims are checked on web sites which is very easy now a days, you find your claim being questioned by authorities.  It is always advisable to also pay attention to the size & goodwill of the company as these company will not prefer to generate fake documents to earn some extra money.

LTC 80 Packages
Passengers can cover the entire India in LTC 80 if flying on Air India however for Kashmir, North East and Assam they may be allowed to travel on alternate flight options. These three destination allows the passenger to get the maximum out of his package. Package options including both airfare and packages are possible in other parts of India as well but travel agent may ask for something extra to offer such packages.
LTC Full Fare Packages
Passenger can cover both International and domestic sectors in LTC full fare option. Few government organisation allows to visit the farthest point in India from the palace of posting, few of them allows to visit international sectors only after visiting farthest point from place of posting in a circuitous route and last but not the least travellers from few organisation can also cover international sectors without bothering of touching the farthest point. Passengers traveling to international sectors should also keep the taxation rules in mind as these sector are always taxed more than domestic sectors. Since the maximum possible claim of such travels are clear most of the time, international travellers can touch any point in the world within budget or by paying extra.